Nowadays the majority of people are used to eating really fast, because most of them don’t have much free time to have lunch.   Also, they don’t care about the quality of the food; sometimes they eat in front of the computer without socializing. In fact, their lunch habits are influenced by the time.

From these analyses was born the concept of the restaurant,  IAYA, destined to  people that don’t really have enough time to lunch.  It is a blend of fast food in the terms of the time of service but always preserving and defending the worth of slow food, with an ecologic aliments and defending the importance of social interaction during the meal.

For this reason we creating an application where you can order your food, get the specific details about it like calories, ingredients…and also you can put at what time you will arrive, so then you don’t have to wait anymore.

On the other hand the corporate identity it’s and hybrid between fast and slow food.  IAIA means grandmother in Spanish and YAYA it is an expression to refer to something or someone that you wanted something or someone now.

Futher more terms these concepts are in the election of the colors, like red for fast and green for slow food. Also we use the  code of  letter soup because it’s a tool for relationship and also to get more calm, and forget your work problems.

University Project

Teachers: Raquel Pelta & Daniel Ayuso.


IAYA restaurant.

Done at

Elisava Design School