Hatching from the egg, the birth and awakening of a chicken ready to face the real hard life after a formation and maturation process . A similar process as a student designer, for this reason the Award Ei! has born.

While Hansel Schloupt and Oriol Castellar were in their last year, they proposed to their university to create a student design award. In order to promote the work of their students and to recognize their effort and help them to enter in a new phase of life: the workplace.

The campaign is an abstraction of the process of chicken´s birth. To relate the trophy with the campaign, the inner membrane of the egg was the perfect match to describe the feeling of coming out and be selected!

The trophy, representing the excellence and complexity of design with its geometry, is made ​​of ceramic from a rapid prototyping model, expressing a fragile sensation and prestige to the student. The winner opens the trophy discovering the inside finished of bathed gold 18 karat contrasting with the painted iron cover
running with magnets.

A perfect match between conceptual and functional design, excellency and simplicity, communication and sensations, digital and craft process.


Elisava Design School


Award design of Elisava’s Awards.
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Done with

Concept: Hansel Schloupt & Oriol Castellar
Industrial Design: Hansel Schloupt, and collaboration Oriol Castellar & Fransec Moretó and guidance in production of Salva Fàbregas.





Premis Ei! Process from Oriol Castellar on Vimeo.